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The Price is Right Budget 2024-25

By Tracy Miller |

A guide to the 2024-25 Federal Budget The Treasurer is promising that inflation will decline by 0.75% as a direct result of the 2024-25 Federal Budget initiatives including energy......

Tax Planning and Optimisation Tips: How a CFO can help

By Tracy Miller | | |

Navigating the world of business tax can feel incredibly overwhelming and confusing. Complex regulations, ever-changing laws, and the daunting prospect of audits leave many businesses wondering: how can we......

Is an Outsourced CFO or In-House CFO Best for your Business?

By Tracy Miller | | |

With technological advancement, shifting paradigms around how we work, and changing business needs, how we structure our businesses has changed dramatically. We no longer employ every function we need......

Budgeting and Forecasting Services: A CFO’s Strategic Toolset

By Tracy Miller | | |

To operate profitably and sustainably, a business needs to be able to not only monitor current financial performance but also anticipate future financial performance. This is why budgeting and......

Financial Modeling and Analysis: The Role of the CFO

By Tracy Miller | | |

Financial modelling and financial analysis are like having a crystal ball for your business. They allow you to see into the future, predicting potential outcomes and making informed decisions......

10 Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

By Tracy Miller |

Small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy. Over 2.5 million businesses (97.3% of all businesses in Australia) are small businesses. They create jobs, drive innovation, and contribute......

Financial Health Check: How a CFO Service can Assess your Finances

By Tracy Miller | | |

Do you know the financial health of your company? Unless you’re looking well beyond the profit and loss statement, it’s very likely you don’t have a full understanding of......

A Guide to GST and BAS Reporting

By Tracy Miller |

For entrepreneurs and business owners, understanding the ins and outs of GST and BAS reporting is essential not only for staying compliant but also for ensuring the process is......

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