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Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make in their Accounting

By Tracy Miller |

There are several common accounting mistakes that we see many businesses make without even realising it. Without addressing these missteps, it can impact the profitability of the business, opportunities......

What is Venture Capital?

By Tracy Miller |

Do you want to raise capital and take your business to the next level? Venture capital is an excellent way to accelerate your business’ growth, smash goals and unlock......

How Startups Can Withstand the Current Economic Headwinds?

By Tracy Miller | | |

If you’re concerned about a looming recession, high inflation, rising interest rates, weak consumer sentiment and the war in the Ukraine creating economic uncertainty, you’re not alone. As a......

Why is it Hard to Raise Capital at the Moment?

By Tracy Miller |

One of the tough realities of economic uncertainty is the impact on capital markets. Startups are increasingly finding that raising capital is tricky at the moment. They are having......

How to Tighten Costs in Your Startup Without Compromising on Growth?

By Tracy Miller |

If you’ve suddenly been tasked with having to cut costs and reduce expenses in your startup, but don’t want to risk sacrificing your growth goals, you’re not alone. A......

How to Extend Your Startup Runway?

By Tracy Miller | | |

With COVID-19, the war in Ukraine and inflation all causing volatility in the current environment, it has suddenly become much harder for startups to attract investors and raise capital.......

What’s the Alternative to Employing a CFO in your Startup?

By Tracy Miller | | |

With increasingly volatile conditions thanks to the impacts of COVID-19, the war in Ukraine and rising global inflation, equity capital markets have cooled. This has serious implications for high-growth......

Common Mistakes SMEs Make with Cash Management

By Tracy Miller |

One of the biggest challenges for businesses – big and small – is cash flow. It doesn’t matter how profitable your business is, if you don’t have enough cash......

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