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Heart Research Australia 2022

By Tracy Miller |

It was an honour to attend the annual Heart Research Australia fundraising event at Long Reef Golf Club on Monday, 8 August.  Keeping Company has supported this event for many years and always......

What are Business Advisory Services?

By Tracy Miller |

As a small business owner, you’re often required to take on roles and responsibilities you otherwise wouldn’t be comfortable with or may not have the skillset for. Whether you’re......

What is the Difference Between Gross Profit, Net Profit and EBITDA?

By Tracy Miller |

To understand how your business is truly performing, you need to look beyond just your sales revenue. A growing topline is great, but it means very little if you......

Keeping Company Wins Bookkeeping Firm of the Year at Australian Accounting Awards 2022

By Tracy Miller |

Congratulations to the Keeping Company team on winning BOOKKEEPING FIRM OF THE YEAR for the second time at the Australian Accounting Awards 2022. ‘Winning is the ultimate reward and......

5 Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid (and How to Make the Best Bookkeeping Choices)

By Tracy Miller | | |

An effective and streamlined bookkeeping system is crucial to your business’ success and growth. It’s important to recognise that what may have worked in the past doesn’t necessarily meet......

What is the Difference between Bookkeeping and Accounting?

By Tracy Miller |

When it comes to handling the finances in your business, there are two disciplines to draw on; bookkeeping and accounting. But what exactly is the difference between bookkeeping services......

What is an Angel Investor?

By Tracy Miller |

An angel investor is someone who invests their own money into a business. Unlike venture capital firms which represent investors, angel investors operate independently. Typically they will have a......

What is Series B Funding?

By Tracy Miller |

When a company embarks on a Series B funding round, it’s an exciting and significant achievement. By this point in time the startup has proven itself, is kicking goals......

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