KC Ventures works with some of Australia’s most promising startups, helping guide them through their journey to scale.

We are founders and business owners of high-growth startups and understand the what’s required to build and grow. We work with founders to help map out their journey and scale faster.

Backed by one of Australia’s most trusted and awarded Accounting firms Keeping Company, we like to move fast and get stuff done. We help entrepreneurs focus on what really matters and help them build a better business.

Keeping Company Corporate Team

What we do

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Build the Foundations

We help Aussie startups build their foundations for success by getting the basics right. We provide everything a pre-seed company needs to set themselves up for financial success.

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Grow & Scale

We work with entrepreneurs to help them with the next phase of their growth journey. Whether that’s raising capital, levelling up your finance function, or building a go-to-market strategy, we’re here to support.

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Design the Roadmap

We help companies figure out the next milestone on their roadmap and how they can go about achieving it. We help companies work towards profitability, international expansion and build a long-lasting, sustainable business.

Key services

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Working closely with entrepreneurs to help them define the most important areas of focus to help them take their business to the next level, in a sustainable way.

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Best in class bookkeeping and financial services, powered by muti-award winning Keeping Company.

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We work closely with your finance team, or externally to build your full-finance function from scratch.

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R&D & Grants

Cash is King and this is very much the case when it comes to startups. We help companies locate which grants they are eligible for and work to help apply for R&D and other incentives.

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The capital markets have undergone a big shift recently, but what hasn’t changed is the fundamentals required to attract outside investment. We can help startups prepare for their capital raise to ensure it is a success.

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We help design a Go-To-Market strategy which delivers results. This allows startups to build better relationships with customers and increase sales.

Who we are

Luke leads the KC Ventures team and brings a decade of experience in scaling high-growth startups.

Luke founded WithYouWithMe, a fast-growing global tech company helping develop new digital talent. He helped scale WithYouWithMe from a small team in a garage to 300+ staff across five countries.

Luke has spent time as both a CFO and COO, with highlights including:

  • Raising more than $40m in capital across Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and Series B rounds
  • Overseeing revenue growth of more than 13,000% in company’s first three years
  • Being named Asia-Pacific’s Fastest Growing Technology Company by Deloitte as part of its Fast500, the first time in more than 15 years this was won by an Australian company and with record revenue growth
  • Twice named as a LinkedIn Australia top start-up
  • Helping expand businesses operations into the United States, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
  • Being personally named one of The Australian’s Top 100 Innovators

Luke has coached and invested in a number of startups over the years, passing on good and bad lessons from his journey, so founders can avoid making the same mistakes.