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“Suddenly we had access to real time data, which allowed us to get much closer to the business, uncover any discrepancies or leaks, and really understand our product profitability. We can now model different scenarios to understand where we should focus to improve margin or reduce costs. This has been absolutely invaluable.”

“The team at Keeping Company have been awesome to work with. They’re a trusted part of our team and the results speak for themselves.”

Noshu Founder
Rachel Bajada
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I have worked with Keeping Company for almost 2 years. Our accounts were a mixed bag of spreadsheets, poorly maintained QuickBooks and a founder who understood little of the accounting questions they were asking.

From the scraps, they’ve managed to help my business not only develop from an accounting perspective, but have offered guidance with Inventory Management Systems, improving profitability, diversifying our offering and much much more. Tim and Ryan are both experts in what they do, and have given me countless hours to offer feedback and guidance on my business (many times they didn’t charge!).

Founder for Australian Bushfood Co.
Hayden Marks
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“Keeping Company has assisted us in understanding the margins we are achieving and what we need to do to ensure the profitability of the business.”

“We’ve never had this level of visibility with other accounting firms. It has helped us become much more efficient and improved our forward planning considerably.”

Cann Global Chief Operating Officer
Marion Lesaffre
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Since partnering with Keeping Company, we have been continually impressed by their accounting knowledge, attention to detail and expediency dealing with our integrated business model. On a strategic level, Ryan and Tim have provided sound advice through their CFO services which has allowed us to simplify, restructure and improve efficiencies across our various businesses. It’s refreshing to have an accounting partner so proactive and forward thinking, and it gives us great comfort having Keeping Company in our corner. We also really appreciate doing business with a bunch of great people!

Director for Allera Group
Zachary Morrison
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“Even though we were just the little guys, Keeping Company didn’t treat us that way. In fact, it was the opposite – they really went above and beyond, providing mentoring, checking in two or three times a week, reminding me of key milestones or responsibilities such as payroll dates and generally making sure that things were going well. You can’t put a value on that kind of personal support.”

Year13 Founder and Director
Saxon Phipps
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Keeping Company has been fantastic. Whether fielding questions from inexperienced staff or tenured experts, Keeping Co have always had the time, patience and context to explain. The staff at Keeping Co have been really timely and attentive when working alongside us. If you’re looking for a genuine and insightful accountant, then Keeping Co is the way to go. Thank you for the care you’ve shown.

BlaQ Corp
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“They’re great people to work with. They understand high growth startups. Even though they come from traditional backgrounds in big firms, they’re more interested in working with people at a people level. Their enthusiasm for our business was a bonus.”

FroPro Founder and Director
Ed O’Donoghue
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“Keeping Company has been a real helping hand, giving us more transparency into things well beyond just the P&L. Keeping Company more than just bridged the gap in that difficult time, they became partners and friends.”

Coassemble CEO
Ryan Macpherson
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“We’ve done more in 12 months than in the last five or six years. Keeping Company was able to drive the growth of our business and guide us in setting up the business in the most efficient way possible.”

Fly Oz CEO and Deputy Head of Operations
Mark Dixon
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“The team helped out with so much more than just our accounting, advising us on our strategy and operations and even making introductions to VCs for the capital raise.”

Cloudwave CEO
Michael Powrie
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“We’ve formed a really nice partnership and the results speak for themselves. We’ve gone from strength to strength and a lot of that is thanks to Keeping Company. I can’t speak of them highly enough.”

Bondi Vite and PILLAR Performance Founder
Damien Fitzpatrick
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Fantastic business to work with, we have used Keeping Company for many years and the service they provide is outstanding. Katherine has especially gone above and beyond, she is always contactable, reliable and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure our company is taken care of. We know we are in good hands with Katherine, highly recommend!!

Sarah Goroch General Manager
Ausdance NSW
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We have worked with Keeping Company for over 10 years now and the service has been exceptional. We have been lucky enough to have the same Account Manager over this time so she knows our business inside out and is incredibly good at what she does. It’s like having an in-house finance manager but at a much higher skill level!

Antonia Seymour CEO
Arts on Tour
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I have been using Keeping Company for the last two years and their service is outstanding.  I have especially loved working with Katherine because her customer service is outstanding.  She is always contactable, always creates solutions and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure our company is taken care of.

General Manager for Human Services Skills Organization
Amber Belindo
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I’ve been working with Ryan, Tim and the Team at Keeping company for a few months now and I could not be happier, they are very experienced, organised and have a fantastic method of work, I would highly recommend them to any sized business,


CEO for Eco Build
David Sim
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Great company offering professional yet friendly service. Been using them for years for all our accounting and bookkeeping work, and always happy with their work, advice and support.

CEO for Sydney Dogs and Cats Home
Melissa Penn
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Great people to deal with, extremely professional, competent and helpful.

CEO at Big Music
Richard Berkman
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Always amazing, friendly & timely service from Keeping Company. Truly value their expertise & insight.

Senior Manager at The Iconic
Alison Hootman

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