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  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Payroll
  • Bank reconciliation
  • BAS



  • You do day to day
  • We check your work
  • BAS

App Advisory

App Advisory

  • Expert set up by Gold Partner
  • Training support
  • Add-on software support



  • NFP accounting experts
  • Grant and job reporting
  • Board reporting
  • Audit assistance
  • Tax planning

External CFO

External CFO

  • Reports
  • Budgets
  • Cash flows
  • Meetings
  • Tax planning



  • Financial statements
  • Tax return
  • Tax planning

One-off Project

One-off Project

  • Review and recommendations
  • Catch up work
  • Fixing errors

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    We guarantee the highest level of bookkeeping services available, supported by devoted professionals.


    Our team of experts including tax agents, financial advisors and Chartered Accountants take care of your compliance needs.

    Xero Accounting

    Experts ensure you operate efficiently as we connect you to your financials through Xero-integrated apps, and reach business goals.

    CFO Services

    Understand your financial performance with the budget setting, forecasting, cash flow & reporting to empower your business.

    Not For Profit

    With vast experience we understand the needs of Not For Profit clients and the environment in which they operate.

    Venture Capital

    Raise venture capital in Australia with a proven and trusted accounting partner.

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    The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in a company plays a vital role in growing the business. They’re responsible for overseeing the company’s financial performance, providing strategic advice to the......

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    Industry Recognition

    Keeping Company wins a Bronze Stevie Award in the 2021

    Why Work With Us?

    We are a team of accomplished professionals

    Chartered Accountants, Registered Tax Agents and experienced high level executives with strong referral partnerships, an accredited brand and service offering that extends far beyond bookkeeping and tax. We deliver premium customer service and expertise to a diverse client portfolio with representatives from various industries and complexities.

    Our team seamlessly provides an end to end solution for our clients like no other, employing software solutions for business functions and integrating these platforms to optimise outcomes and elevate clients business performance.

    We are business people too

    We understand the decisions you need to make to meet your business goals, the processes and considerations involved, as well as the necessary resource support required.

    Your success is our success, and positive working relationships are invaluable. We work closely with our clients to streamline and develop businesses together using initiative, ideas and strategies that are innovative and forefront. Our business model provides you with all the conveniences and advantages possible, delivered by a passionate team.


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    Valuation Across Our Top 12 Clients

    A Financial Ecosystem Designed To Serve Your Business

    A synergy of accounting skills, tech proficiency and industry prowess, working together to give your business a competitive advantage.


    We’re here to meet your specific needs and create bespoke solutions to empower your business, offering benefits such as on-site work, remote options and even personalised service packages.


    Prepared by our team of Accounting and Bookkeeping experts supported by tech and real-time statistics, precise, reliable data is delivered so you can make clear, informed decisions.


    We schedule frequent reviews of your books to ensure that your finances are kept in check, from quarterly BAS reports to annual taxes.


    Cherry-pick functions you need from a range of financial products and services. Draw on our resources without the headaches of managing staff.


    As a XERO Gold Partner and accounting tech authority, we will walk you through software set up, application, on-site training and on-call support.


    Our team of qualified professionals serve to deliver financial reports on demand, providing you useful information, increased visibility and valuable insights.

    Clients Testimonials

    icon testimonials

    “They’re great people to work with. They understand high growth startups. Even though they come from traditional backgrounds in big firms, they’re more interested in working with people at a people level. Their enthusiasm for our business was a bonus.”

    FroPro Founder and Director
    Ed O’Donoghue
    icon testimonials

    “Keeping Company has been a real helping hand, giving us more transparency into things well beyond just the P&L. Keeping Company more than just bridged the gap in that difficult time, they became partners and friends.”

    Coassemble CEO
    Ryan Macpherson
    icon testimonials

    “We’ve done more in 12 months than in the last five or six years. Keeping Company was able to drive the growth of our business and guide us in setting up the business in the most efficient way possible.”

    Fly Oz CEO and Deputy Head of Operations
    Mark Dixon
    icon testimonials

    “The team helped out with so much more than just our accounting, advising us on our strategy and operations and even making introductions to VCs for the capital raise.”

    Cloudwave CEO
    Michael Powrie
    icon testimonials

    “Suddenly we had access to real time data, which allowed us to get much closer to the business, uncover any discrepancies or leaks, and really understand our product profitability. We can now model different scenarios to understand where we should focus to improve margin or reduce costs. This has been absolutely invaluable.”

    “The team at Keeping Company have been awesome to work with. They’re a trusted part of our team and the results speak for themselves.”

    Noshu Founder
    Rachel Bajada
    icon testimonials

    “We’ve formed a really nice partnership and the results speak for themselves. We’ve gone from strength to strength and a lot of that is thanks to Keeping Company. I can’t speak of them highly enough.”

    Bondi Vite and PILLAR Performance Founder
    Damien Fitzpatrick
    icon testimonials

    “Keeping Company has assisted us in understanding the margins we are achieving and what we need to do to ensure the profitability of the business.”

    “We’ve never had this level of visibility with other accounting firms. It has helped us become much more efficient and improved our forward planning considerably.”

    Cann Global Chief Operating Officer
    Marion Lesaffre
    icon testimonials

    “Even though we were just the little guys, Keeping Company didn’t treat us that way. In fact, it was the opposite – they really went above and beyond, providing mentoring, checking in two or three times a week, reminding me of key milestones or responsibilities such as payroll dates and generally making sure that things were going well. You can’t put a value on that kind of personal support.”

    Year13 Founder and Director
    Saxon Phipps