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When can a Contractor be Classified as an Employee? The ATO’s Response

By Ryan Miller |

This is Part 2 of our series on how the law treats the distinction between employees and contractors. To read Part 1 which covers recent High Court decisions in......

When can a Contractor be Classified as an Employee? Recent High Court Findings

By Ryan Miller |

The distinction between an independent contractor and an employee is less black and white than it may seem. Even if a worker is employed on a contract basis, legally......

3 Tips for Best Practice Debt Collection

By Ryan Miller |

Chasing unpaid debts from clients or customers is unfortunately an unavoidable part of business. The challenge is that when debts go unpaid it can seriously impact your business’ cash......

The 5 Most Common Financial Reporting Mistakes Businesses Make

By Ryan Miller |

Accurate and detailed financial reporting is the key to a robust business. However, not all businesses get their reporting right. They might omit details, report on the wrong things......

5 Financial New Year’s Resolutions for your Business in 2023

By Ryan Miller | | |

With the New Year now officially underway, there’s no better time to review your business’ financial position and commit to new goals for the year ahead. Here are our......

How to Manage your Payroll in Xero?

By Ryan Miller |

Managing payroll is easy with Xero. Within Xero’s payroll feature, users can move through the entire payroll process with ease. Alternatively, there are also many Xero payroll integrations which......

How to Leverage Xero Integrations?

By Ryan Miller |

Utilising a cloud accounting platform such as Xero not only gives you a range of benefits in and of itself, but it also offers a wide range of Xero......

What are the Benefits of Cloud Accounting?

By Ryan Miller |

With modern technology quickly advancing, and businesses growing so rapidly, cloud accounting is the only option to meet the needs of business in a modern world – the older......

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