Nov 29, 2021
| Tax Advice & Planning

Is my business ready to outsource our accounting?

There are several signs your business may be in need of an outsourced accounting services:

  • You’re investing too much money and time into in-house accounting
  • You’re not happy with how your accounting or bookkeeping is being handled in-house
  • You’re on the cusp of growth and could benefit from more sophisticated financial governance
  • You don’t feel you’re armed with the right financial information to guide business decisions
  • You’re experiencing issues with cash flow, costs or profitability
  • You’re concerned you’re missing out on market opportunities

Why outsource my business’ accounting?

Outsourcing accounting unlocks a number of benefits for your business. By engaging with outsourced accounting services, you gain the following benefits.

Save money

The costs of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services are lower than employing a team in-house. You only pay for what you need and you gain back time that you can dedicate to revenue-generating work.

Unlock time

Managing accounting and bookkeeping in-house can be inefficient and distract from other priorities. Outsourcing this responsibility to highly qualified experts will immediately save the business precious time and allow you to focus on what you do best.

Gain expertise

Through outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping, you’re able to tap into an entire team of experts including Chartered Accountants and Registered Tax Agents. They will stay abreast of any changes in tax, superannuation and payroll regulations and have extensive industry knowledge so your business can remain compliant.

Why Outsource my Business’ Accounting

Improve financial governance

Outsourced accounting services can take your accounting to the next level – handling budgeting, forecasting, cash flow and profitability. This level of sophistication in your financial governance is invaluable when it comes to reaching your full potential. It can help you grow your business, outpace your competitors, identify market opportunities and improve your business’ performance. It will also help you make critical business decisions such as when to raise capital, which product lines to expand or phase out, whether to reduce headcount and much more.

Create flexibility

Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping means you can scale your service up and down as needed, on a moment’s notice. This is particularly useful when your business is on the cusp of growth as you don’t need to increase headcount and won’t fall behind on your growing accounting obligations.

Gain an expert accounting partner for your business

Keeping Company provides accomplished Chartered Accountants and Registered Tax Agents to efficiently manage all of of your business’ accounting needs

Financial Statements

We prepare your statements using fully personalised cloud-based software, so your accounts are presented in a precise, coherent and professional manner.

Tax Returns

We prepare company, trust, partnership and super fund tax returns for fixed fee prices, enabling you to plan and better manage your cash flow.

ATO Correspondence

We liaise on your behalf with the ATO and help your business navigate the often complicated landscape. We provide assistance with everything from Private Rulings, disputes, audit and any other requests.

Tax Planning

To get ahead of the game, we manage upcoming income tax liabilities at your convenience, either on a monthly or quarterly basis, so you can effectively plan and prepare your finances in advance.


We help you prepare and lodge your Business Activity and Installment Activity Statements, ensuring that you pay the right amount over an appropriate period to suit your business requirements.

Complex Issues

From business structures or capital gains tax, to buying or selling a business, our large network of specialists are available to help guide you through complex accounting issues and achieve the best possible outcomes for your company.

At Keeping Company, we’re not just accountants, we’re business people too. With our counsel, your business can reach its full potential. 

We have a team of experts; Cloud Accountants, Business Advisors, Finance Specialists working together and ready to help, contact us today.

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