By Tracy Miller
Apr 04, 2018
| Business Bookkeeping Services | News

We’re pleased to announce that Keeping Company made the list of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants of 2017 in Australia!

It is the second consecutive year our Cloud Accounting firm has featured in the Top 50 list, this time under the Marketing category. Hubdoc has experienced first-hand how accountants and bookkeepers across the nation are transforming small businesses with cloud accounting technology – which is why we’re especially excited to announce our award.

Tracy Miller, Founder & CMO of Keeping Company says “I see endless possibilities in this arena, not only to connect with potential clients but to educate business owners and ultimately help reform the way the accounting industry in perceived.”

Keeping Company is a team of experts; Cloud Accountants, Business Advisors, Finance Specialists working together to provide a complete solution for the Australian Small to Medium Business owner.

With services including;
• bookkeeping & payroll
accounting & tax
• business advice
• financial advice & insurance
• home and investment loans
• car & personal loans

For all media enquires please contact Tracy Miller, CMO, Keeping Company 0414 898 452.