By Tracy Miller
Nov 26, 2021
| Wealth Management

Is your business looking to raise capital? For start up or early stage businesses, capital is absolutely essential to take your business to the next level. Capital is the key ingredient to help your business reach its growth goals, unlocking your ability to source people, product and equipment.

What’s the deal with venture capital?

Venture capital and private equity are excellent ways to accelerate your business’ growth. Both are sources of funding for private companies through private investors. Venture capital firms and private equity firms represent pools of private investors looking to invest in private businesses in exchange for equity. These firms identify business investment opportunities on behalf of investors.

Investors are interested in businesses with unrealised value where they can gain a multiple return on their investment. Should you go down the venture capital or private equity route, your business will need to hand over a percentage of equity to investors, in return for funding.

Why you need an accounting partner for your capital raise

Raising venture capital or private equity isn’t a simple process. Before you even consider approaching venture capital firms or private equity firms, you need a plan of attack to maximise the outcomes from a capital raise. This is where an experienced and trusted accounting partner can help.

If you approach firms without getting your financial governance in order first, calculating how much funding you will need or considering how your business should be valued, you won’t put your best foot forward and may well be unsuccessful. Once you have engaged a firm, it’s important you’re thoroughly prepared for due diligence and are able to provide detailed financial and business information on short notice. This is why an experienced accounting partner in the capital raise process is absolutely essential.

Does My Business Need An Accounting Partner For My Capital Raise

Does my business need an accounting partner for my capital raise?

There are several signs your business may be in need of an accounting partner with venture capital experience in Australia to support your capital raise:

  • You’re about to embark on your first capital raise and aren’t sure where to start
  • Your last capital raise was underwhelming or disappointing
  • You’re not confident your financial governance will hold up to scrutiny from venture capital firms
  • Your current accounting firm is inexperienced with capital raises

Experienced and trusted venture capital experts

Keeping Company is an award-winning accountancy and business advisory firm providing world-class venture capital advice and support. We’ve helped a dozen clients raise $77 million in venture capital in Australia and their total market valuation is now an impressive $387 million.

We have a deep understanding of the capital raise process, how to effectively approach Australian venture capital firms and how to secure the best possible result.

At Keeping Company, we’re not just accountants, we’re business people too. With years of impactful experience in navigating the market, we know what it takes for a company to build towards and achieve success. We offer an expert blend of strategic financial and business advice, grounded in real world business experience, to help your business achieve its goals.

Gain an expert partner for your capital raise

Our venture capital experts can help you navigate every aspect of a capital raise, securing you the best possible outcome.

Streamlined Financial Governance

Before you even take the step of engaging venture capital firms, you need to make sure your finances are in order to show you’re a genuine contender. Get on top of your budgeting, forecasting, cash flow and financial reporting to put your best foot forward.

Business Valuation

It’s important to come up with your own valuation for your business, before turning this over to venture capital firms or private equity firms to scrutinise. We are a partner in this process to help maximise your valuation.

Runway calculation

By examining your strategic goals and financial position, we will help you calculate your runway, providing three or four different scenarios with varying funding amounts, runways and equity amounts.

Due Diligence Preparation

Venture capital firms will scrutinise every aspect of your business. We help you fully prepare for all possible due diligence requirements so there are no surprises. We will be in constant communication with your firm on your behalf.


We establish sophisticated financial and business reporting and provide information memorandums, general purpose and special purpose financial reports and accountant’s confirmations as needed.


Once you have secured funding, we ensure you’re on top of compliance, helping you issue share certificates and creating a share register, among other compliance requirements.


Looking for an accounting partner? Keeping Company can help. Contact us today so we can help you and your business to raise capital.

At Keeping Company, we’re not just accountants, we’re business people too. With our counsel, your business can reach its full potential. 

We have a team of experts; Cloud Accountants, Business Advisors, Finance Specialists working together and ready to help, contact us today.

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