Taxes are a necessary evil. If you are going to do business, you are going to pay taxes, full stop. Unfortunately, tax for companies can be a problematic labyrinth to navigate. Between the paperwork, the compliance factors, and your payment obligations, it can be extremely stressful to handle tax matters for your small or medium business. Which forms do you fill out? How do you avoid compliance missteps that will get your business in trouble with the ATO?

These questions are among the ones we will help you answer at Keeping Company. With skilled tax accountants in North Sydney, we work with dozens of businesses every year to find a way through the taxation maze. We would be thrilled to work with you as well.

How We Help

Many of the businesses that hire our tax agents in Sydney fall into the SME category. Some are brand new companies that have never filed business tax returns before. Others are thriving, growing businesses whose tax obligations are shifting with every passing year. All want to be able to focus on their customers, clients, and overall business operations rather than stressing over tax issues.

We give our clients that luxury. Our tax services are provided by Chartered Accountants and Registered Tax Agents. With our skilled and qualified professionals there to help, you can trust that your taxation matters are in good hands.

Sometimes, clients call us at the 11th hour to help prepare tax returns or deal with ATO correspondence. Our tax agents in Sydney work exceedingly well under pressure, which means we can dive into the deep end at the last minute and provide valuable assistance.

However, we always recommend that our clients call us earlier on in the process. Taxes are not just a matter you need to start thinking about at the beginning of October, with the ATO’s tax return deadline just a few weeks away. For best results, your business should build tax considerations into its regular operations. At Keeping Co., we help you do just that. We can set your business up with the latest accounting software, to make preparing financial statements and tax returns that much easier. We can help you manage your tax liabilities on a monthly or quarterly basis, with the goal of reducing your payment obligations as much as possible. We can help you find your way through complex issues—such as establishing business structures, buying, or selling your business or figuring out capital gains tax—that are going to impact your tax obligations.

In short, we can do almost anything to help you get through tax season unscathed. Our tax accountants in Sydney CBD know ATO policies and processes better than most, and we will use that knowledge to help you any way we can.

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Don’t stress yourself out about tax compliance. Instead, give yourself the opportunity to focus on your business by trusting Keeping Company’s tax agents in Sydney to handle your taxation matters. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.