Make use of expert tax services at Keeping Company to ensure that you don’t suffer any nasty surprises after the tax deadline.

tax services

  • For many individuals and small to medium sized businesses, tax returns can take considerable time and cause unnecessary stress.
  • However, with our tax services we offer you the assistance of expert Tax Agents, bookkeepers and Charted Accounts, which ensures that all information is recorded accurately and correctly.
  • We will provide clear feedback throughout the process as well as handle any of the correspondence that may be required.
  • Also, if there were irregularities then we would be able to provide you with a good forecast on what the outstanding amounts may be, and how to avoid similar situations going forward.
  • For companies, we can also provide assistance on making sure that you are completely tax compliant, while also limiting wasted costs, or advise you on how to better your financial structure.
  • Being tax compliant and ensuring that the correct amounts are paid will avoid any hassles as well as prevent potential legal action or other losses.
  • We can assist with various tasks related to tax, including handling income tax returns, BAS/IAS lodgement, fuel tax, GST and payroll tax.
  • Making use of our services also allows you to remove the burden from staff that may have more important core functions to focus on, instead of spending large amounts of hours on tax returns.
  • So, whether you need tax services in Sydney, or other parts of Australia, talk to a consultant at Keeping Company today and they will provide further assistance.