Make use of the tax calculator on offer at Keeping Company to assist in helping you accurately work out amounts that need to be paid on tax.

Tax Calculator

  • Many individuals and small companies don’t have the expertise required to accurately complete their tax returns, and this can result in nasty surprise payments once they have submitted their returns.
  • If you wish to save time and get more accurate results, try our tax calculator. Sydney, Perth, Melbourne – no matter where you are based this tool is simple to use and can easily be accessed online.
  • Although this is helpful, once your business grows or you find that you don’t have the time to spend on tax returns, Keeping Company can provide a range of other services to assist you.
  • We employ a team of qualified and experienced bookkeepers, Tax Agents and Chartered Accountants – meaning that you get access to qualified professionals at low costs. This is because you do not need to fill these high profile positions and add to your wage bill – you simply pay for what you need.
  • And, as Cloud Accountants, we offer the most efficient service as we can work off-site and make use of the latest software and technology to streamline the process. We can also provide expert advice and feedback on tax returns.
  • Should you have any questions about our tax calculator, or any of the other services offered by Keeping Company, contact a consultant now and they will provide further assistance.