Keeping Company offers you the chance to make use of payroll services from expert accountants, bookkeepers and tax agents to free up time and money.

payroll services

  • When opting to make use of our cloud services, you eliminate a number of costs – including payroll software, overhead costs and staff.
  • However, there are even more benefits to using our payroll services in Sydney – no matter whether you run a small or large business.
  • Many start-ups or smaller companies opt to handle payroll in house, with the process being overseen by people that are not specialists in the field.
  • This can lead to problems in the future, as handling the likes of allowances, penalty rates, leave, and other contributions require extreme accuracy.
  • There is also the human element, as you are dealing with staff salaries, which means it is essential that the process runs smoothly and reliably to keep up morale – and ensure that staff don’t end up with surprise costs at a later stage due to inaccurate contributions.
  • Payroll is a time consuming process, and choosing Keeping Company to handle this will allow you to free up resources to focus on other needs within your business.
  • We take pride in staying up to date with latest technology in the field, allowing us to operate efficiently and accurately, while we can provide services on-site or off-site – depending on your needs.
  • Whether you need someone to take over payroll services, or need experts to set things up and keep payroll running on a continual basis, we can gladly assist.
  • Contact one of our consultants today to find out more about the payroll services on offer at Keeping Company.