Allow Keeping Company to take the hassle out of your income tax with the assistance of our registered Tax Agents and Chartered Accountants.

Income Tax

  • Dealing with tax can be an overwhelming task for most individuals, as they don’t have a complete understanding of the process and what they are entitled to.
  • This is why more and more people are turning to registered tax agents to handle these matters, and at Keeping Company you can get fast, efficient and accurate service.
  • The process is highly complex, with specific restrictions or entitlements available within various industries – but our experts are qualified and experienced in dealing with all forms of tax.
  • You could also make claims where there may be restrictions, which could lead to a taxation audit – something that could be highly stressful and costly to you.
  • We will make sure that the right amount of tax is paid, every time, and also make the process as transparent as possible, so that you gain a better understanding of your taxes and what claims you can make.
  • Should there be a need for correspondence with the ATO, we can assist so that any issues or queries are dealt with quickly and professionally.
  • Along with our Income tax services, we can also provide financial advice or even put together a financial plan for you and help you manage it.
  • At Keeping Company, we do more than just crunch the numbers – we help you gain a better understanding of your finances by making use of the latest software and technology. Talk to one of our consultants today for more information on our income tax services.