Keeping Company can provide forecasting services to help you accurately predict your growth.

forecasting services

  • Often business owners will forecast growth based on business plans, and this can wildly differ depending on their performance.
  • However, the experts at Keeping Company can provide you with realistic forecasting, which in turn will ensure that you are better informed and can make the right business decisions.
  • There are numerous benefits that come with more accurate forecasting. Firstly, it allows you to prepare better financially, as you can better predict the cash flow and sales trends – which will ensure that you do not suffer penalties or end up with poor relations with your vendors.
  • Knowing whether or not your business suffers seasonal dips can also assist you when it comes to staffing, as you can prepare for busier times while cutting down during quiet months.
  • The better understanding of your cash flow will also impact your investment decisions – whether you are considering putting more into marketing or whether it is important to tighten things up for a certain period of time.
  • We provide comprehensive reports that are customised to showcase the information that you want, while our team of qualified and experienced bookkeepers and Chartered Accounts can offer you sound advice based on the numbers.
  • We make use of the latest technology and software available, which allows for a perfectly streamlined process that is fast, efficient and accurate.
  • Find out more about our forecasting services now by contacting a consultant at Keeping Company and they will gladly assist in tailoring a specific plan that best suits your business needs.