Get paid on time by making use of the accounts receivable services available through Keeping Company.

accounts receivable solutions

  • Whether you are running a small to medium sized business, or have a big-scale operation, we understand the importance of well-managed accounts.
  • For your company to turn a profit, you need to be paid for the products and services you provide, but managing this can be a time consuming process.
  • This can put a lot of pressure on a small financial department, where one or two employees are tasked with completing numerous financial tasks.
  • Our professional accounts receivable services will relieve that pressure, as we can handle the creation and distribution of statements to clients to ensure that they are given accurate information and have enough time to process payments. We can also handle the following up of payments or past due accounts, while helping set the correct course of action in motion for failed payments.
  • We can streamline this process to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible, which will result on improving the time it takes to close your books as well as detect problematic clients who regularly fail to meet payment deadlines.
  • The payment of accounts has a direct impact on the cash flow of a business, and when your company is still in its early stages, being starved of funds owed to you can eventually become disastrous.
  • Allow your staff to focus on other core functions and aid your business’ growth by talking to a consultant at Keeping Company about our accounts receivable services now.